Meta Dynamics™ is the study of the structure of experience —or the ART—of knowing how people make make decisions, and so they can create the results they want.

Developed by Sharon Pearson utilising over a decade of experience as a highly successful and influential coach, leader, trainer, mentor and business owner—Meta Dynamics™ revolutionises the next level of personal and professional evolution.

It is the most innovative breakthrough in human behaviour, and neuroplasticity, since NLP, based on the original work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

For nearly half a century, NLP has provided solutions for a happier and more fulfilling life for millions of people around the planet…

Meta Dynamics™ takes a giant leap forward… It is the next stage of evolution in NLP and coaching, and is proven to get you RESULTS—faster than you’ve ever experienced them.

If you love learning about yourself – and others – Meta Dynamics™ will help you build your dreams, and life into specific, achievable outcomes that you can easily follow…

What is Meta Dynamic™ Profiling

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is a path to providing revolutionary results and answers for you.

The market is filled with tools and systems aimed to provide clarity on personality traits but none describe the intricate nature of a thinking pattern. The beauty of holding this knowledge is that in understanding and unpacking it you can identify and improve your many strengths and stretches.

Unlike personality, thinking styles can be developed over time to deliver outstanding results.

The Meta DynamicsTM Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and provides you an exclusive window into the potential. By knowing why you do what you do, you can achieve new goals and evolve into the person you want to be. The Meta DynamicsTM Profiling Tool is a 16-dimension questionnaire that assesses an individual’s preferences particularly in the everyday context. Each dimension refers to a specific part of thinking styles such as influencing, resiliency, outcome focused etc.

The questionnaire requires an individual to respond to behavioural statements such as “I influence people’s opinion” in terms of their agreement or disagreement with the item. Similarly to most personality and behavioural assessments such as the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and eDISC, the Meta DynamicsTM Profiling Tool also
links back to the NEO-PI(R) Personality Test, MBTI and Big 5 model of personality which has long become a widely accepted model of personality and behavioural assessments for decades.

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