Becoming a successful, effective and confident leader does not just happen. At Ignite we know that most leaders are doing the absolute best they can with the tools and resources they have. Leadership has always been a ‘learn on the job’ scenario for the most part, which can be exhausting, confusing and possibly even a little frustrating at times.

I work with leaders to assist them gain clarity, direction, focus and a structure from which to lead and manage their team, enhance their business performance and release the stress and pressure, bringing enjoyment and fulfillment back to the role.

Using a range of proven tools and methodologies including Meta Dynamics™, Extended D.I.S.C and NLP along with solid, proven frameworks and structure for building successful, profitable business practices, I assist leaders achieve personal, professional and business growth and development.

  • Gain more self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Become super clear on your strengths and stretches and how to close the gap
  • Manage emotional state resourcefully and effectively in all situations
  • Build resilience
  • Develop thorough planning and time management habits and strategies for you and your team
  • Inspire and motivate your team towards the vision and mission
  • Develop strategies to approach and manage difficult staff members
  • Managing conflict resolution
  • Become confident at building a purposeful healthy culture where staff and business can thrive
  • Handling setbacks and challenges
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Problem solving and solution based focus

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