6 beliefs that will lead to failure before you even start. – Myths of Business

I was going through some old articles and I found one from Sharon Pearson about the Myths of business, so I pulled out a few of my favourites to share,

Myth – There is a Magic Pill/ Short Cut/ Way to avoid the hard yards!

If this were true, I totally, 100%, absolutely would be all over that, and sharing it with you all. I have looked for the shortcut, I have seen others take shortcuts and pay the price.

Truth –  You must practice, just like everything, to earn the results you want!  There are models, frameworks, systems and structure and mentors and coaches to guide you, but you still have to do the work.

Myth – There is such a thing as ‘passive’ income!
Well, not really! There is nothing passive about it

Truth – You will earn every cent, even if it does come through indirect methods because of what you did to earn that money PRIOR to it coming to you. You still have to do the work in the beginning, so make sure you do it well and remember Myth 1.

Myth – You have a money problem
Money is never the problem!

Truth – You have a ‘I don’t know how to give value consistently’ problem or you have an attitude about and towards earning money problem.
No one is entitled to earn without they learn. The problem is never the money, it is always you. There is trillions of dollars circulating the earth. You have to become who you need to be to earn it. You need to learn the skills, structure, mindset and systems.

Myth – It will happen eventually
Oh, really… how? By who? if only it was luck…
No it won’t!

Truth – You must sustain a level of intensity, focus and discipline that very few will ever achieve. If you waver, you will become the market. If you persist, you will lead!

Myth  – You’re the exception, you have legit reasons for your limited results.
No time, no money, no support? … and we all know that the ONLY way to build a successful business is to have lots of time and money and support……. all the time.
Lol! Welcome to the club

Truth –You, and everyone else is time poor and starts with little …… you, just like everyone else will have to make the time, invest the time, find the time, do what ever it takes just like every other start up business in the world.

My favourite Myth  – Average efforts will produce extraordinary results

Giggle, giggle….
The sad thing is that so many people actually cannot understand why their business is not delivering extraordinary results, when they themselves are performing, leading and operating from a place of mediocrity and ‘close enough is good enough’
There are more than enough average and ordinary people out there looking for the next ‘get rich quick’ scheme or thinking they won’t have to raise their standards to raise their results.

Truth – It takes extraordinary efforts to create extraordinary results.
Lets break down the word EXTRA — ordinary.
Plain old ordinary can’t deliver EXTRAordinary out of thin air. You have to be and deliver the EXTRA.
I have not met anyone yet that was an overnight success nor someone who ‘made it’ without extraordinary effort, dedication, tenacity and willingness to learn and implement.

Thanks Sharon xoxo

The reality is that going out on your own, starting a business, buying a business, being the leaders and being responsible for the success, failure and everything in-between is not for the faint hearted, lazy, arrogant or anyone that is in it purely for themselves or for the money, or freedom or even status.

Its tough, and it requires a bucket load of tenacity, discipline, humility and desire to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

I have had days where I have felt frustrated in my business and I could have quite happily gone and applied for a job at McDonalds. (Lol not really). But, I remember at times feeling completely broken, that I wasn’t enough, that I didn’t have the attitudes, aptitudes, skills or even the personality to succeed. It would suck! But instead of applying for McDonalds (lol) I got over myself and called my coach or mentor, and I worked on it… I STILL DO!

The truth is I do love what I do, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m not always IN LOVE or loving exactly what I am doing in the moment. There is a whole lot to running a business I don’t always really like. For instance, I’m not the biggest fan of doing finances and budgeting or writing copy. I don’t really like being cooped up in my office all day formatting documents. If I could just go out into the big wide world and coach people, run workshops and seminars and inspire the masses all day, every day, and miraculously have full books all the time that would be awesome. I am a people person, I want to be with people! (If only it was that easy, lol.)

But that is NOT the reality of start up and small business now is it. The reality is if you want the reward then you need to do the work… ALL of it!! Not just the stuff you like, not just the stuff your good at every part. You have to have the discipline, and the tenacity to keep going even on the days you don’t ‘feel’ like it…. Until you have done it enough and well enough that you don’t have to do it anymore because you have hired or trained the right people and built the right systems for them to use to do it for you.

  • NO there is no shortcut
  • NO the income will not just come on in by itself
  • NO you don’t have a money problem!!
  • NO it wont just miraculously happen one day
  • NO you are not the exception
  • AND NO, ordinary doesn’t lead to extraordinary


  • YES, you can speed up the journey and process
  • YES, you can develop the indirect income in the future by doing the work now
  • YES, you can learn and turn the money thing round without to much fuss
  • YES, You can be the one to make it happen, if you want it enough
  • YES, you are like everybody else, which means, just like everybody else you can learn how to create success and the business you want,
  • AND YES, you are definitely capable of Extraordinary, if you want to be, with the guidance and support you need.

Be Daring enough to be great

Be humble enough to notice your weaknesses

Be brave enough to ask for help

And be Courageous enough to never give up 

With Love
Yours in business
Ally H

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