Seven ways to Simplify Life

In a world that is getting busier and more full of distractions and 'stuff' everyday, it is all to easy to become overwhelmed by life and everything in it.

This is my top 7 tips to Simplify Life. xo

1. Acceptance
Accept that 'nothing' in life is perfect. Perfection is a myth.
Accept that there are many things in life that are not within your control. Let go of the outcome.
Accept that sometimes shit happen. Learn to handle emergencies in bite size pieces.

2. De-Clutter
De-clutter your physical and emotional space, often.
Clear your desk, tidy up after every activity, rearrange the furniture every once in a while.
That clothing that hasn't fit you for the last 2 years or you simply haven't worn it, donate it. The kids old cloths, old toys. Those wedding gifts that are still in the boxes from 20 years ago you never used. Clear it out!!

De-clutter your emotional space by journalling. Get it out of your head and heart and on to some paper. Do yoga, or Meditation, is another way of de-cluttering your heart and head.

3. Welcome
Welcome new things into your life. New adventures, new experiences, new learnings. Remember how daunting it was when you first learnt to drive a car? Or perhaps ride a bike? Or even simply use a computer or a smart phone!! And now, we can't live without them!
Welcome learning into you life. Commit to learn something new each day.

4. Empathy
Develop an intuitive reaction to how others feel. At the end of the day we are all in this life together. Be kind, Be caring.

5. Learn to say 'NO'
Learn to say 'no' graciously.
Yes, it can be hard to turn down requests for help, especially if it is from someone we love, or even a boss or colleague, which is why we reach out and oblige with the best of intentions. However there are times when repeated requests get out of hand and start to take their toll on us. It is about creating, understanding and respecting your boundaries enough to say 'Thanks, but no thanks'

6. Switch off
Switch off to ALL your electronic devises!! Allow enough quiet time in your life to just sit still with yourself. Give your brain and heart time to rest.
Make a habit of doing tech free time everyday. It might be no Social Media after 6pm and no TV after 8pm, what ever works for you. Allowing yourself time away from all the noise of the world has enormous benefits

7. Smile 🙂
Smile from your heart!
Smiles are incredible and magic things that can quickly transform most stressful situations. When we smile, we change out physiology which in turn changes our psychology and has immediate benefits for everyone.

With Love & Gratitude
Ally xx

Have you ever felt like you lack direction? Like you are not quite clear on who you are?

Does self doubt and low self-esteem hold you back? What about fear?

Do you ever get the feeling you want more out of life?

What would it be like to have the self confidence and knowledge that you can handle whatever life throws at you? What would it mean to you to be able to follow through on your promises to yourself? How would it feel to be able to know you can do peace and calmness in all situations? What would that allow you to do?

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