Happiness – The Myths and Truths

I see it more and more, this false reality that people are choosing to adopt that ‘Happiness’ is something that is ‘out there’ in world, that is delivered to them by someone else or something else. That their happiness is dependent on others and their actions. Or that if they don’t have a particular lifestyle, house or job then they cannot be happy.

I often hear people say things  like, “He / she makes me miserable”, “My job won’t let me be happy”

So here are some myths and truths when it comes to happiness.

Maybe you could add to this list 🙂

Myth Happiness is a destination – No it is NOT, happiness is now, in the present, if you so choose. Nothing you GET out there is going to make you happy, it must already exist within you!

Truth – Happiness is a journey/a quest! – Life is happening!! right now, choose how you live and explore it. Dare to dance, dare to fall, be curious, have an adventure!

Myth Circumstances control my happiness. – There is so much ‘stuff’ in life. If we let what is happening around us control our emotions, life would be one big exhausting roller coaster, right. We control our emotions, it is inside us always.

Truth – Happiness is the depth and quality of our relationships. – Be present. Relationships are about being open, trusting and vulnerable. Did I mention be present!

Myth – Happiness is the ‘right’ emotion – I call BULLSHIT!! This supposes that all other emotions are wrong and that happiness is the goal… well what about when you are feeling like shit?? What does that mean? Who else grew up being told that being angry was ‘not on’?  That being sad was making others feel sad or nonsense?

Truth – Embrace ALL emotions! – YES and YES!! We are able to feel all our emotions because we are designed to and need to in order to function effectively. Your not a human DOING, your a human BEING!!

Myth – You HAVE to be positive – Says who?? Bad shit happens!! Feel what ever you want to, its ok for something to be just shitty and messed up. Not everything has a positive side to it!

Truth – You have to Feel it to heal it – Absolutely – You cannot move through or past something until you allow yourself to feel it in its entirety. Otherwise you are just suppressing it, and well, nothing stays buried, I promise you!

Myth – My happiness is dependent on others – That just sounds miserable even saying it. Our happiness belongs to our own selves!

Truth – Other peoples happiness is their responsibility – It is not you job to make others happy. In fact it is impossible, you cannot MAKE someone feel anything, they have to choose it! You can add to someones happiness if you choose to.

My favourite Truth – I am responsible for my experiences, I am present to my experiences and I own my perspective.

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