My give a damn is busted

5 quick tips, to fire up your motivation levels

We all have those days, (or weeks) where we lose all motivation, energy and desire to do anything at all. When every inch of our body and brain feel just, blllaaaa. We are exhausted yet we probably haven’t done enough yet to be tired, or we are capable of doing more.

Most of the time it is not actually that our bodies are tired or the fact that we have been doing copious amounts of mentally challenging work, most of the time it is that our brain is just full of so much stuff that it goes into overload and shuts down.

Can you imagine if you got to work on a Monday morning, and your boss handed you a 30 page, double sided, to do list with everything on it marked as urgent, to be completed by lunch time? At the same time 5 of your co-workers start talking at once about the dramas of their weekend, all the while you can hear your emails dinging away on your computer 20, 30, 40 unread emails. Ahhh WTF right? You want to crawl under the desk or run back home, completely overwhelmed.

So, why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we load our brains with 1000’s of tasks, priorities, checklists, concerns, completely irrelevant thoughts, noise and bullshit that is just not required? No wonder, our motivation checks out. No wonder we get sucked into zombie like procrastination. How can we get anything done, when we have no clarity on exactly what we need to focus on, and in what order? No wonder the bigger tasks that require a bit of brain power seem impossible, we are using all our brains capacity trying to make sense of the 10, 000 thoughts in our head.

All this equals ‘Give a damn is busted’, complete shutdown, exhaustion, and generally feeling like crap.


Ok, here are 5 tips for a quick ‘Give a damn’ fix

  1. Take a few minutes to just sit and feel it. Acknowledge what your brain and body are telling you, they need to stop, switch off and cool down for a moment. Make a herbal tea or get a water and just sit quietly for a moment. Now, this does not mean turn on the TV, check facebook, listen to music or anything other than SIT QUIETLY. Give your brain a chance to reboot and make sense of everything.
  2. Pick one item that you can do that requires minimal brain power and very little physical energy. This might be;
  • If you’re at home; fold the washing, mow the lawn, wipe down the benches, make the beds etc.
  • If you’re at work; Clean off your desk, tidy up the office kitchen, organise your paper work, write down a to do list

This is a great way to get your ‘give a damn’ kick started. By doing something on your to do list or an easy task that creates immediate progress you get to experience instant achievement and gratification, encouraging your brain to want to do more. Start small and work your way up.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!


  1. Do something for someone else. One of the best ways to fire up your motivation and take the focus of you and your jobs is to do something for someone else. This might include making everyone in the office a cuppa just the way they like it. Or perhaps completing a task for someone else that you know they are stressing about. The look on their face and their gratitude will give you all sorts of warm and inspiring feelings.
  2. Have a drink of water and maybe a little something to eat. Quite often we lose a lot of energy and the ability to focus simply because our body needs fuel. Now this does not include chocolate biscuits, pizza, a can of coke etc. This includes a healthy snack and water! Why am I stressing this? Because even more often than us struggling from the lack of fuel, we are filling ourselves full of the wrong fuel which actually has the opposite effect to that which we desire. Drink water, lots and lots of water!
  3. Write it Down!!! Get all those messy thoughts out of your head and write them down. It doesn’t matter if they are to do lists, concerns, problems, worries, ideas, goals, gossips, whatever. Whatever is swirling around in that brain of yours, write it down, get it out and then action it accordingly. If it’s tasks to be completed, prioritise them and get them completed. If it’s concerns or worries, take the time to sit quietly and explore them and come up with solutions. If it’s ideas, again, do something with them. Just don’t leave it all in that precious brain, taking up valuable space and keeping you bogged down, tired and stuck.

So there you have it. 5 really simple quick fixes to those days when your ‘give a damn is busted’.

These 5 little fixes really work if you want them to. However, if you still feel stuck, exhausted and stuck in procrastination, give me a call and we will work through it together and get you the clarity you need.

Life is so much more fun when your ‘give a damn’ is working at full capacity.

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