Grateful for the washing

There was a time that doing my ‘mother and wife duties’ used to really frustrate me. I always saw these duties as a burdensome task. I hated doing it, and I resented my family for it.

The resentment within me as I hung out my son’s tiny socks and my husband’s jocks was consuming. I would be seething, feeling sorry for myself and telling myself how unappreciated was the whole time. My life was exhausting, just getting through my cleaning and cooking and  washing tasks left me drained and moodySee, I have never been the homely type, I would rather be outside with the horses, on the tractor, fencing or something like that. Lol, my poor husband, when we first met, I had next to no cooking skills, I am pretty sure I could burn water and to this day I still can charcoal most things quite well :-).

Anyways, one day my husband was sitting on the lounge watching TV (after an 80 hr week in the truck) and I was hanging out the washing and trying to multi task several other jobs at the same time (because that’s what us women do lol). I was in a hurry, flustered and so pissed off, mumbling to myself how life was so unfair, this sucks, everything is my responsibility, I have to do it all, I never get down time. I was feeling like crap, I’m telling you, really like shit, life seemed very hard and I was unappreciated and exhausted in that moment. Not to mention I wanted to punch my husband for being so inconsiderate.

So why am I telling you this.

Well, I decided then, that I could continue to feel like a tired, unappreciated piece of poo and being my own worst enemy OR change the way I saw my ‘mother and wife duties’. I decided that my lack of gratitude and appreciation for  my life was not serving me or my beautiful family very well.

So as I hung the rest of the washing out, I picked up every single item with gratitude. Gratitude that we had cloths, gratitude that I could choose to hang them on the verandah of our peaceful country home, or on the cloths line on our big, green, bindi free lawn. Gratitude that my husband wore these cloths to work to provide for our family, gratitude that he is MY husband, gratitude that my son gets filthy playing in the veggie patch with his dog and for every single item I hung on that line I was grateful that I got to hang them out at all. Because I realised that whilst ever I get to hang out their washing, they are here, they are alive, we are together, and we are loving, we are a family.

It dawned on me, I would hang out their washing every moment of every day, if that meant that I got to kiss them goodnight at the end of everyday, and hold them close every morning.

Every time I am now tasked with my ‘mother and wife duties’ I now choose to be grateful that I still get to do those jobs. I choose to no longer feel like a tired, unappreciated piece of poo, but instead, I dance, I laugh and my heart is filled with love and appreciation.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotional states that we can experience. It demolishes fear and sweeps away anger and resentment. It surrounds us with love and warmth, it attracts laughter and joy. It promotes health and vitality, inspires creativity and determination. Living in a state of gratitude is almost euphoric. And the best part is that it is our choice to be grateful, we can choose how we look at life. It really is that simple. I know which one is easier and makes life so much more enjoyable and beautiful. 

What are you choosing now? What are you going to start choosing now? Gratitude or Resentment, fear and anger?

Next time you find yourself feeling like a tired, unappreciated piece of poo (lol), make the conscious decision to change the way you look at life. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it is just hanging out the washing.


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