A leap of faith

I was looking through old photos today and found this photo of me playing silly buggers on a rock on the edge of the river near my parent’s place shortly after they had bought the property.

This photo was taken on the Easter long weekend 2011, when I first got know my, now husband. We were all fishing at the river, it was the first time I had felt so free and alive in a very, very long time. We had so much fun that weekend, it was totally crazy and spontaneous and full of adventure and so much fun.

Now, I am the kind of person who has the same thing for breakfast every day, the same thing for lunch and would have the same for dinner if my husband did not protest so much. Spontaneous and adventure are not really my thing. I like certainty, safety, security, control, structure. Lol

My world had been thrown into turmoil only a few months before this photo was taken, having ended a relationship of several years, my parents were moving from our home on the central coast to the farm at Manilla and I had closed down my business and was selling most of my horses.

I was at a complete crossroad in my life and had no idea which way to go. I was scared and in a fairly sad state, not knowing what my future held for me. But something happened on this particular weekend. Like I said, I felt more alive and free than I had in a long time and with this sense of freedom came a sense of adventure and curiosity, and with this came a sense of courage and self confidence.

I remember being in complete awe of the way this crazy country boy viewed the world, he was so free, so wild, so happy and carefree. I was in awe of wide open spaces, the rolling mountains and the generally beautiful country that this place had to offer. I never knew that life could be so beautiful and exciting, I like it.

So, I took a leap of faith. The day I got home from that inspiring weekend, I handed in my resignation and started packing my bags. 1 month later I had moved to Tamworth, to be with this incredible country boy and soak up the country life that I had fallen in love with so quickly. I had no idea what I would do to earn money, no idea what would happen with my remaining horses, no idea where it would go with this man, no idea what I was doing actually. Lol, All I knew that is that I had to find out, So I did.

There were moments of doubt, I will admit. There were challenges, setbacks and sometimes it was so hard that I nearly went back to the coast. But over the last 6 years that leap of faith has given me everything I never knew I wanted, My beautiful farm, my gorgeous son and of course my truly wonderful husband, who to this day still leaves me in complete awe at times. I am truly blessed and ever grateful that I jumped off my rock of certainty and embraced having ‘no idea’ where I would end up on this journey and that my wild country man did the same. 

If we look at so many of the great things that have happened in our lives or our greatest lessons learnt to date, so many of them have come from ‘a leap of faith’. That moment where we say ‘YES’ and work out how later. The future will always be uncertain and no matter what we do there will always be a level of uncertainty in where we haven’t been or what we haven’t done yet. All we have is our belief and trust in ourselves, in our hearts and the certainty within ourselves that no matter what happens we will be ok. Everything we do is an experience, another moment and memory, a lesson learnt in the school of life.

So leap, fall and fly. Take that leap of faith and embrace your future with the certainty in you and your heart.

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