Once upon a 5 minute moment

There was a time in my life that I believed, I was not good enough, I was worthless, People were untrustworthy, I was untrustworthy, relationships were hard and didn’t last,
everyone I loved would leave me, If it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t true, people will always let you down!
All these stupid beliefs and so many more, came from one fleeting moment in my life. One measly 5 minutes. One defining moment!
I lived in anger, fear, stress, hurt and so much resentment. It crippled me across all aspects of my life, My work, my hobbies, my relationships…. and even being a mum! I could not experience happiness and peace because of that One moment, I wouldn’t allow myself to.

I knew what I wanted from life, I just couldn’t get there, no matter how hard I tried I could not achieve my Purpose, Peace and Prosperity.

Why? …….. I was being defined by my beliefs. They controlled my every being and I didn’t even know it.

So what did I do? I got a coach, I moved out of the shadows of my very own world and created a new, rocking, kick arse world, based around new beliefs that I chose, not that chose me.

I now believe, not only am I good enough, I am great, I am of immense worth, a complete rock star (Perhaps a slightly crazy one, but in such a great way haha). I trust myself and others wholly and with confidence, I believe those that I love and that are meant to be in my life will never leave (even when they leave this earth they will still exist in my heart). As for things being to good to be true………….. My whole life is too good to be true by old beliefs, like genuine amazing living and whats more is I now believe that I deserve all the awesomeness in my life and that I have attracted and created that awesomeness by changing and shifting my beliefs to accommodate it.

Everyone has Defining Moments – those moments that shape the choices you’ve made and who you’ve become…they ‘Define Us’ they ‘Control Us’ they become our programming and filter for how we experience life. The problem is most of the time they limit us, cripple us, keep us living in the dark, unable to shine as our true, brilliant selves. 

If someone had told me all that time ago that, that particular 5 minutes of my life would impact on it so much, I would have told them they were an idiot. IF someone had told me even 18 months ago that, that 5 minutes was STILL impacting my life I probably would have told them a whole lot more than they were an idiot 😉 lol. But it was true. And it had me crippled, boxed in and unable to  ignite. On the surface I looked fine and most of the time I could ‘fake it’, but ask my husband, I was a serious mess, a swirling storm of anger, hurt and resentment. Unable to love my son, unable to trust my husband, unable to just let myself go and enjoy them.

I look back now and I feel sorry for that girl, she was so positively exhausted trying to be who, deep down inside she knew she was, desperately trying to find her way through the toxic beliefs that held her down. It took 1 hour to remove that moment’s hold over my life, 1 hour to set that girl free, and holy shit didn’t she light up. Wow, talk about ‘that girl is on Fire’!

And the most beautiful, satisfying part of the whole story is…. My gorgeous little boy has a mummy that can truly love him and enjoy him. And my Husband? Well, He has a Rock Star Wife that is on Fire, living with Purpose, Peace and Prosperity, that trusts and loves him and has so much fun with him. He is happy, I am happy, we are all HAPPY!!

I still remember that feeling when, you know something is holding you back, it frustrates you, sometimes it nearly beats you, You know how you want your life to be but you just can’t seem to create it. And that is why I how help others ‘Create the life they want. At the end of the day, we are all valuable, great, Rock stars ready to ignite. Someone just needs to clear off all the bullshit belief and strike the match.

I’m so glad I now define my life, my moments, instead of them defining me.

That right there is Purposeful, Peaceful living.



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