What we do

Ignite Your Life, Ignite Your Business was founded by Alyson Hawkins to assist people design and create their ultimate version of life filled with Purpose, Peace,  and Prosperity.

Our goal is to help people create and lead a life that is rewarding, balanced, sustainable and truly inspiring for self and others.

We do this through workingwith people in the areas of,

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Success and Mindset Coaching
  • Personal transformation and healing coaching

About Ally

When it came to the time for me to write this, I thought long and hard how to sum up who I am in just a few short lines. A whole life, a whole personality, a whole story! I decided it is impossible, so all you need to know is I am Alyson or as most people call me, Ally. I do the role of mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, dreamer, inspirer, student, coach, farmer, horse rider, and musician.

My personal Mission statement is,

“To always strive towards being the greatest, most loving, brilliant version of myself and accept and embrace all of my unique strengths and lackings. To inspire and give from my heart all I have to offer, with joy, gratitude and playfulness. To share my knowledge to all that desire to obtain them and help create a more loving and resilient world wide community.”

I am a little free spirited and a bit of a clown, I love laughing and making others laugh. I am a woeful speller, lol, however I am determined, highly driven and tenacious in living my Mission and fulfilling my Purpose in this life. I am not scared of failing, I am scared of never having tried.


Studying at one of the largest, highly recognised coaching schools in the world, ‘The Coaching Institute’, the home of the worlds ONLY proven, researched-based coaching methodology, Meta Dynamics™, I have the privilege of being mentored by some of the best coaches in the world such Matt Lavars,  Joe Pane and  world renown coach, author, and wealth creation guru, Sharon Pearson.

Combining over 10 years Marketing and Communications, Small Business management and leadership, with years of coaching and training experience I delight in the honour to assist people live an incredible life with true Purpose, Peace and Prosperity on both a personal and professional level.



  • Certified Meta Dynamics™ Level I practitioner
  • Meta Dynamics™ II Profiler
  • Level 1 Extended D.I.S.C Behavioural Profiler and Strategist
  • Associate Member of the International Coaching Guild

Let’s work together

Ok so lets just pretend we have known each other for years and skip all the 'Im fine, its just been a bad day/week/year. I'll get over it" bullshit.
And lets have a real conversation!

Life can be tough! It can be real bitch, unfair and unforgiving.

Relationships are suppose to a source of happiness, security and peace, yet for some reason most of the time it is our intimate relationships that cause people the most pain and stress in their lives!

We go to work to earn money to enjoy our life, but for most people their work becomes their life!

We start businesses or chase a goal because we have a passion, a dream, a vision, and sadly for many people, fear, their own self doubt and lack of skills crush any attempt to realise their full potential.

No wonder most people are stressed out and somewhat defeated? Resigned to just 'getting by'
If the above is your reality, then of cause you are!

And if you don't have the tools, strategies and knowledge yet, to do life any different then it is understandable that you get frustrated, depressed, anxious or shutdown.
That all sounds exhausting!!

So, if you want to experience life on my side of the fence......
The fun, the freedom, the Purpose, Peace and Prosperity,
The only thing stopping you is you!

Shaun BorgNSW, Australia

Alyson is one hell of a Coach.
If you are looking to gain a different outlook to a past experience, would highly recommend Alyson to delve deeper into changing your mindset around the matter. Thanks Alyson for helping me delete those monkeys in my head and providing tools that I can use to boot dis-empowering beliefs.

Natalie ReimerNT, Australia

Just after one session with Alyson, I feel so much at peace with myself and confident to achieve what I want to achieve and remove fear.

Jeanne Van Der MerweSouth Africa

Alyson, you touched my life's journey more profoundly than you may ever know. Thank you!
My initial concern bought to our sessions was around relationships. How can I be prepared for a new relationship without the old fears creeping in and entering a new relationship more wisely?
Alyson bought such compassion to our sessions, yet was not scared to confront those parts of me that I had not yet looked at or wanted to acknowledge. This allowed me to move places that were not as comfortable with more grace and courage, and helped me move though that which I felt stuck in.
These sessions with Alyson helped me shift the relationship to myself, embrace the parts off me that I liked "putting aside" and in doing so I felt I made huge strides in my personal growth. This has been an important part of my journey in every way, empowering me fully embrace me not only in the relationship context... it permeated into most areas of my life.
The gifts I got from being coached, reflected in the depth and had a beautiful ripple effect.
I would highly recommend Alyson, especially to anyone who is skeptical of coaching, I think Alyson will be able to plug you into yourself... a journey with yourself that you don't want to miss out on. Alyson can cover a wide spectrum of coaching, as I gained immensely in my personal growth yet we also touched beautifully on the other parts off my life that contributed greatly to my business development.

TiannaNSW, Australia

Id consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. Not because I won lotto or strike lucky, but because I had the most incredible opportunity to take part in this program. Through this short course I was given important and crucial tools to deal with many of my past demons as well as tackle what lay ahead for me and through these tools I’ve found myself. For over 20 years I have gone with the flow and fit into friendships and groups and along the way lost sight of the person I was, what I enjoyed, loved and what I stood for and during this short 8 weeks I was put on a path to self-discovery, self-respect, self-love, shown the way to get back to where I needed to be and the support to take the big steps I needed to take to head in the right direction. With this course, I WILL achieve my goals, and I will make a life to be proud of.

Rachael Phillips Testimonial

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